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    Legislative & Policy –Monitors legislative action relative to adoption issues and educates members. Studies adoption policy concerns for recommended changes.


   Post Adoption & Training & Practice Values – Explores, reviews and promotes post- adoption services. Coordinates meeting programs, recommends training.


Membership. Awards/Recognition & Communication– Recruits new members and promotes A.D.O.P.T. Established to recognize adoption workers or agencies for services in the adoption field. Support membership committee, maintain listserv and website-External link opens in new tab or


 Recruitment & Retention-Strategizes ways to recruit and retain Resource Families

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Dues are ($15.00 for new members, $10.00 renewal) collected at the September meeting. Active members are expected to participate on a committee and have voting privileges. Organizations with an active member are entitled to submit information on their activities and services to be included on the ADOPT website.

ADOPT Adoption Advocacy Award

The Adoption Development Outreach Team (ADOPT) is a voluntary child advocacy group with professionals from public and private child placing agencies who seek to coordinate efforts to broaden adoption opportunities for Virginia’s children awaiting adoption. ADOPT was organized February 1972, as a result of the efforts of a relatively small group of child placement professionals representing agencies in several areas of the Commonwealth as well as staff from the Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS).

ADOPT began awarding the ADOPT Adoption Advocacy Award in 2004. The vision for the award was to recognize an individual or organization that has made significant contributions in adoption advocacy.


Advocacy is the cornerstone of ADOPT’s mission and members advocate at every opportunity on behalf of Virginia’s foster children awaiting adoption to achieve permanency is a safe, loving and nurturing environment.

Award Criteria

The ADOPT Adoption Advocacy Award will be presented to an individual or organization that has provided significant contributions in adoption advocacy through:

·       Achievement—What the nominee accomplished through their advocacy effort.

·       Innovation & Resourcefulness—Nominee used an innovative or exemplary approach for performing advocacy.

·       Ongoing involvement—Nominee’s commitment was hands-on and sustained, rather than a one-time activity and nominee is willing to take on the responsibilities of an advocacy ambassador for permanency for Virginia’s foster children awaiting adoption.

Nominations will be judged based on the point values assigned to each required question.

Nomination Requirements:

Nominations may be submitted by either the nominee or another ADOPT member. The deadline for nominations is Wednesday, September 5, 2018. Submissions MUST be submitted via email to If you have questions about the award criteria or nomination process, please contact Claudette Henderson. The ADOPT Adoption Advocacy Award nominee will be notified mid-November 2018 and will be presented with the Award at the December 5, 2018 meeting.

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What the nominee has accomplished through their advocacy efforts (50 Points)

Innovation & Resourcefulness—

Nominee used an innovative or exemplary approach in performing advocacy (25 Points)

On-Going Involvement—

Nominee’s commitment was hands-on and sustained, rather than a one-time activity (25 Points)